After Finding Heart-Wrenching Note In Mailbox, Neighbor Saves 90-Year-Old Woman From Loneliness

Photo by: CBS News

By: Good News Network  It has been five months since Marlene Brooks received the letter that changed her life – and since reading that letter, she has changed dozens of other lives for the better.

Brooks, who lives in Park Hills, Missouri, found a letter in her mailbox from down the street back in April. The letter read: “Mrs.? Would you consider being my friend? I’m 90 years old, live alone, and all my friends have passed away. I am so lonesome and scared. Please, I pray for someone.”

The letter had been sent by Wanda Mills, an elderly woman who lived two houses down from 37-year-old Brooks.

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Upon reading the heart-wrenching note, Brooks paid a visit to the 90-year-old neighbor – and she now visits Mills four times a week. The result is now a life-changing friendship.

Even though Mills now lives in a nursing home, Brooks stops by for daily visits with her kids and husband for extra company.

Brooks’s relationship with Mills has also spurred her to start Pen Pals For Seniors – an organization dedicated to ending the isolation of lonely elders by pairing them with pen pals.

WATCH the heartwarming video below:

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