The Unbelievable And Beautiful Painted Buntings Are Quite A Colorful Sight


Sometimes we spot some things in nature that seem too good to be true. Painted Buntings are birds that seem too incredible to be real – it seems that they have been painted by an artist and are not naturally colored. But believe it or not, these “rainbow” colored birds are native to Mexico and the Southern USA. And they are real, naturally colored as nature intended them to be.

You may think because of their awesome colors, you would be able to spot them easily. But it takes a seasoned eye to spot these birds as they prefer to spend their time foraging for seeds in low, dense brush. But, if you are lucky enough to live in the area where they live, like Texas,  Arizona, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, you can entice them into your yard with a feeder low on the ground near a dense bush.


These birds are often described as the most beautiful in North America, and it does live up to the name. The adult male is the most colorful, females and juveniles are usually green and yellow-green, serving as camouflage.  Adults are usually about 12-14 cm in length, and weigh about 13-19 grams. They are shy and secretive, so it is not easy to spot them, even if you hear them singing.

They were a popular caged  bird for some time, but it is currently illegal to capture and hold them. So admire them from a distance, and enjoy the colorful splendor of the Painted Buntings.

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