Mom Hires Shy Young Nanny For $5 An Hour, Only To Discover She’s Princess Diana

By: Barbara Diamond/Little Things  Here’s a little history gem of which you may not be aware.

Back in 1980, Mary Robertson was an American businesswoman living in London. The hardworking mom was looking for a nanny to help care for her toddler son, Patrick.

Mary called up a local agency. The only part-time nanny available was an 18-year-old named Diana Spencer.

Diana showed up for an interview, and Mary hired her on the spot. She paid Diana $5 an hour to do a variety of chores, like loading the laundry, picking up toys, and washing dishes.

One day, Mary found a deposit slip from Diana’s bank under the couch — and because Mary worked in finance, she knew the name on Diana’s check was a shocking clue to her identity.

Mary discovered this shy, mild-mannered nanny was actually Lady Diana Spencer, an aristocrat from one of England’s oldest families.

That’s right before Diana became the People’s Princess, she worked for $5 an hour happily taking care of a cute little boy named Patrick.

Watch the video below to see how Diana reacted when Mary blew her cover — it’s just another glimpse into how humble and kind she truly was.

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