Scumbag Lures Two Girls in Woods to Look for ‘Lost Jacket.’ But Tattoo-Covered Man Knows Better

By: Varvara Budetti/Liftable It was a scary moment for two little girls when a stranger approached them at a park and tried to lure them away. Thankfully, a neighbor saw the situation and stepped in to help.

‘Viper’ MacDonald saw a man approach two young girls in Hallglen Park in Falkirk, Scotland and immediately became suspicious. He and his son, Brandon, were quick to intervene.

A tattooed hero stepped in and raised the alarm saving the girls!

Posted by Daily Mail on Monday, May 22, 2017

The 50-year-old stranger had biked up to the girls and tried to lure them into the woods near the park by asking for help finding his jacket. Once MacDonald noticed what was going on, he stepped in and held the man down.

He told the girls to run to his wife, Shelley, who was standing nearby. The family called the police and MacDonald restrained the man until they arrived.

Thankfully, both girls were completely unharmed and MacDonald is now being heralded as a hero. Because of his actions, the man has been arrested and will go to court for attempted kidnapping.

“This absolute beastie scum tried to get my daughter and her friend to go into the woods with him in broad daylight,” one of the girl’s moms wrote on Facebook, The Daily Mail reported. “They were playing at the park when he [sic] approached them on his bike asking if they would help him find his jacket.”

Instead of expressing anger, the other mom took a different approach. “Rather than sharing the picture of the [expletive] that has been charged with attempted abduction of our daughters….share the hero’s photo!” she wrote on Facebook.

“This is the people you should be sharing and talking about – not the beast that’s currently in a jail cell!! People who put the safety of their community first and aren’t afraid to question a situation that looks wrong,” she continued.

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