Jim Carrey Asked If He’s Religious & Gives A Great Response (Thought Provoking)

Religion is a controversial topic, and we’d like to preface this article by saying that it is not my aim to belittle or diminish anyone’s beliefs. The problem is not with faith but with religion as an organization, which has been used as a means of control, to pit people against each other, and to incite terror and war. Religion in this context serves the purposes of many various global elitist agendas.

Religion is also confusing, to say the least; within several different religions exist different ‘sects,’ each with their own teachings and version of the ‘truth’ and how to live one’s life. Within Christianity alone, there are multiple versions of the Bible, and teachings that contradict one another. What one religion says in one part of the world may directly oppose what another says in a different part of the world. This alone is a recipe for feelings of confusion and isolation for anybody who is seeking ‘the truth.’ If various religions preach different ways of life and truths, they all can’t be correct, can they? I guess that’s why they call it faith.

Here is a video of a Bishop discussing this exact issue.

Jim Carey

“We are all one,” a statement that’s emphasized by numerous ancient cultures around the world. What’s especially intriguing about a statement like this is the fact the fact that it seems to be a concept build into the moral compass of many human beings, and not derived from any other source. This is exactly what Jim Carey is emphasizing below, who as of late, has been speaking about this concepts, becoming a true activist and doing something more celebrities are starting to do, use their voice and tremendous amount of reach to spark a positive change, or create awareness about an issue that definitely needs more attention.

That being said, we also wanted to publish this article to bring awareness to the fact that many concepts found in various ‘religions’ can be correlated with quantum physics . Sure, religion might be tainted with corruption, bad intentions and used for ulterior motives, but there are a few core concepts and esoteric teachings that are common among many religions.

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