Intense Energies Flooding The Planet This Week

By: Educate Inspire Change  As the Total Solar Eclipse gets closer and closer to its arrival date, energies are rising more rapidly than ever. Just in the last few weeks, things have become increasingly intense and ‘rough.’

Have you noticed people acting out of normal? Like a person who is normally chilled out becoming anxious? This is because of the energy making its way to us. For those who do not know, the meaning of this event for those of us who are a bit more spiritual, total solar eclipses like the one we will be experiencing on Aug. 21st are special. The sun represents focus, self-expression, and is ‘aggressive’ while the new moon is something we use as a means of really putting our goals into reach. The intensity of this could even make you angry depending on how it affects you as a person.

The total solar eclipse is a way for us to provoke external changes, it forces us into taking the route we have to in order to reach where we need to be. Because of this total solar eclipse, we may be pushed directly into something we do not believe we are ready for. During the solar eclipse, we are meant to demand more from ourselves and that is why as energies rise and the event becomes closer people tend to get a little nutty.

Their strength is being tested even now before the total solar eclipse even begins. While it is still one whole week away I have been feeling the pressure of it for quite some time now. Energy is shifting towards a place of actual movement and for some, it is hard to handle. Even more, the people that are acting odd may not even be aware of what is really happening. The total solar eclipse is intense on both an energetic and cosmic level.

During this total solar eclipse, daylight will seem like twilight and if you are in the right place you will be engulfed much more intensely by the glittering streams of magical light beaming around the moon. I cannot explain with words how intense and magical this energy to come is. The day of the eclipse itself you will most likely be feeling quite overwhelmed.

Now, if you are not in the path of totality you will still be affected by the energy. If you are considered to be an Empath or even just a little more sensitive than most i’m sure you are with me on this and can vouch for having felt what is to come.

Now is the time to begin stepping out of your comfort zone before the eclipse begins. Get things set up so that when this energy shoves you forward where you need to be it won’t be quite as harsh. During the eclipse, it is important to connect with the sun as well as the moon. If you want to work with the energies to come and bring about, even more, change in your life I strongly suggest focusing on the moon’s energy and use your Labrodite crystals to get things going as well as providing you with a protective vibration.

Do not be afraid of what is to come, this is going to be a wonderful experience for all the people of the world whether they are aware or not. Enjoy what is to come. The total solar eclipse is not as terrifying as you might assume.

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