Glastonbury Crowd Form World’s Biggest Ever Human Peace Sign

By: Mel Ramsay/Community If you’re anything like me, you’ve been watching your news feeds with a quiet, burning hatred over the last couple of days. More so than usual. Why? Because it’s Glastonbury time and every single person you know has apparently managed to blag the ‘near-impossible’ tickets. Bastards.

To be fair, there’s probably more fun things to do than sit in a mud-covered tent and hold in your bodily fluids for five days, but judging by everyone’s updates you’d think they’re having the time of their lives. Which they probably are. Let’s just concentrate on the toilet situation.

Anyway, let’s be fair to the Glasto revellers, they’re putting their time to good use.

Thousands of them got together to break the world record for the most amount of people to form a ‘peace-sign’.

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Yeah, rather than just get absolutely smashed, they put their hard-earned time off to good use. Well done, all.

Why did they do it? Well, it wasn’t just to break a world record. They’re also hoping to raise awareness of the call for peace in the world.

Apparently, as many as 15,000 people took part in the stunt.

William Hawk, from Standing Rock in America, addressed the crowd with traditional Native American chanting, reports the Bristol Post.

He said: “We don’t need this [terror] in our world.

“Peace and love come about simply by giving peace and love.”

SJ Smallpage also spoke to the paper after she helped organize the stunt. She said: “I feel very humbled that people have joined together for something that represents everything that is good about Glastonbury, everything that is good about humanity.

“The numbers are awesome, I can’t believe how many people are here. They were still steaming in through the entrances when it happened. It made my heart sing.”

This is pretty cool and is great to see after all the tragic events around the world in recent months.

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