Friends Wondered How His 23-Year-Old Dog Lived For So Long. His Secret – “Spoiling” His Dog

By: Kalli Sarkin/Shareably  The average lifespan of a dog is extremely short compared to that of a human, but some dogs surprise us with how old they grow to be. This dog didn’t expect a long life when he was given to a shelter at age 16, but what happened after that came as a total surprise to the pup.

Source: Pete Catwright

Charlie is a sweet, loving dog who has certainly had a full life. When he reached his teens, things seemed to take a turn for the worse. Kayla Maryon, the spokesperson for a nonprofit called Dogs Trust, told TODAY that Charlie’s owners gave him to a shelter belonging to Dogs Trust after learning that they were about to have grandchildren. Things looked grim. At such an old age, Charlie had few hopes of being adopted. But this darling dog didn’t stay down for long.

After just three weeks in the shelter, Charlie found a new home. He was adopted by Stuart and Kim Smith, a couple in their mid-60s who absolutely adored him. “When we saw him we knew instantly he was the one for us,” Stuart told Express, a U.K. publication. “When we walked past his kennel he just had that look in his eye – we knew he was special.”

Source: Pete Catwright

This couple completely turned Charlie’s life around. Suddenly his future was looking bright. Charlie surprised everyone by becoming one of the oldest living dogs in the United Kingdom. He is 23 years old and going strong. Stuart shared his secret with Express: “He is definitely a spoilt lad, and that’s probably why he’s managed to live so long. He loves his home comforts, snoozing in his bed and of course tasty treats.”

Charlie lives a dream life with his adoptive parents and 12-year-old canine siblings Lucy and Zack. He may have lost his youth, but he hasn’t lost his excitement for life. He still likes to go out on short walks. “We carry him up the hills so he can still get out and about in the fresh air,” Stuart shared. This dog lights up the world around him. “We feel so privileged to have been able to offer Charlie a happy home in his later life, and he has brought so much joy to us. We simply couldn’t imagine our lives without him.”

Source: Pete Catwright

Kayla is so happy that Charlie got to be a part of a new family. She hopes his story will inspire others to open their hearts to the love and warmth older dogs have to share. After all, older dogs have their own special qualities. “Their personality is already shaped so new owners can really understand and appreciate the dog they are welcoming into their family,” she explained to Express.

We are so glad Charlie found happiness with his loving owners. If you are thinking of getting a dog, consider getting an older dog. They have so much love to give.

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