Dog Plays Dead So She Doesn’t Have To Leave The Park

By: /The Dodo  Home might be where the heart is — but as this stubborn pup seems to know all too well, it’s where the park is not.

Kristen Bohlsen

Folks enjoying a nice day of sun and fresh air at a popular outdoor spot in Australia was treated to an adorable display of canine disobedience over the weekend. And they couldn’t get enough of it.

Video captured by park-goer Kristen Bohlsen shows a man in the middle of a sweet standoff with his clearly strong-willed pup. The dog’s owner makes it clear that he thinks they should get going, but his pet has other plans. Rather than give in to the gentle tugs on her leash and head back home, she decides to resist — rolling on her back to play dead, while the delighted crowd looked on.

The dog who REALLY wasn't ready to leave just yet

Posted by Kristen Bohlsen on Sunday, August 6, 2017

Bohlsen wasn’t immediately available for comment about how the dog’s determined resistance paid off in the end, but her act of defiance did buy her a few more minutes at the park, at least — and she made everyone’s day a little happier in the process.

(Well, with the exception of her owner, perhaps.)

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