A Monumental Marriage Proposal Is Amazingly Visible On Google Maps Right Now

Source: https://www.iamexpat.de

Romance is a beautiful thing, and love conquers all. Many couples in love go about their relationship their own way, and proposals for marriage can vary from the simplest form to the more extravagant ones. A part-time farmer in Germany decided to escalate his marriage proposal to his fiancé. 32-year old Stefan Schwarz used a corn-planting machine to carve out his proposal on his field in the central Germany community of Huettenberg. It obviously reads “will you marry me,” in German. He prodded his fiancé to fly a drone over the field, and upon seeing the marriage proposal, she definitely said yes. It goes without saying that the proposal made headlines in their community. But it didn’t stop there.

Source: https://www.iamexpat.de/

A relative of Schwarz all the way from Canada, surprised him by telling him that his proposal was so massive, that it actually got picked up by Google Maps, and is clearly seen by those who clicked on the link. The message was seen all over the world, thanks to Google Maps. According to BBC, Schwarz never thought that his proposal would be picked up by the mapping service. It made it all more romantic since this happened a few days before Valentine’s Day. Actually, his fiancé did not notice the message right away after sending up the drone. Schwarz concocted a story for her to fly the drone over his field.  He told her he had seen wild boars in the field and needed a drone flight to check it out. “At first she couldn’t see the message because the drone wasn’t flying high enough,” he told local media. “But when she realized, she said yes immediately.” It would have really been shocking if she didn’t say yes, don’t you think?

Well, it seems that drone still has another job to do. Shooting the wedding most definitely. Love is really a many splendored thing.

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