12 Of The Most Dangerous Roads In The World. Would You Drive These?

By: Alexandrea Becker/Shareably Going for a drive can be a relaxing time to unwind. That is, as long as you’re not traveling along one of these roads.

These are 12 of the most dangerous roads in the world! Just the thought of winding around these extreme roadways is enough to make us feel car sick. Trust us, you’re going to want to buckle up for these.

1. Khardung La, India

National Geographic and Guinness World Records both say that this is the tallest pass road in the world! You’d definitely need to watch for rockslides here.

2. Guoliang Tunnel, China

The 1200-meter long tunnel literally goes right through this mountain!

3. Dalton Highway, Alaska

It’s known as the snowiest and most isolated road in the world, and man, does it look cold! We wouldn’t want to get a flat tire here.

4. Eshima Ohashi Bridge, Japan

This looks more like a rollercoaster than a bridge! It was built like this so that large ships could easily pass underneath.

5. Atlantic Ocean Road, Norway

Tourists love this road for all of the breathtaking views. Just be mindful of the ocean waves crashing up the sides.

6. Zoji La, India

This road was built to connect Ladakh and Kashmir. Aside from being rocky, it’s also extremely narrow! That’s not an ideal situation when you have to fit vehicles and livestock.

7. Hana, Hawaii

Often closed due to landslides, this narrow road is on the island of Maui.

8. ‘Kolima’, Russia

Nicknamed “the death road,” the first portion of this highway was built by prisoners. Construction began in 1932, but wasn’t completed until 1953. It looks pretty spooky!

9. Yungas Road, Bolivia

Built right up to the edge of a cliff, this road is considered one of the top most dangerous in the world. It sadly takes 200-300 lives a year.

10. Le Passage du Gois, France

This road is only open for a few hours a day. When it’s closed, it’s because it’s completely submerged underwater. At least the view is beautiful!

11. “Caucasus’ Road, Russia

This narrow mountain road may be terrifying, but the views are also incredible!

12. Transfăgărășan, Romania

While it may not be the world’s tallest road, it is Romania’s. It’s known for it’s danger and it’s amazing views.

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