This Man Flies A Drone Over Auschwitz. What The Camera Caught Is Spine-Chilling! (Video)

By: Simple Capacity  What you are about to watch in the footage below is haunting. I have always been hesitant to make a trip to visit any of the concentration camps, where millions of people were exterminated during World War II, as I feared being overwhelmed by fear and sadness. While watching this video in which a drone flew over Auschwitz, the largest Nazi death camp, it brought up much of what I imagined.

People do, in fact, visit this former prison which is now a World Heritage Site. More than 1 million people, the majority of whom were Jews, died at this “most deadly place on earth” in only 5 years, from 1940-1945. The drone travels from the train tracks which carried the unsuspecting victims into the camp from all over the Nazi-occupied places in Europe. You will see the entry sign, which reads “Arbeit Macht Frei”; it translates into “Work Sets You Free” which was the ultimate lie, as the sole purpose of the camp was to exterminate all the people.

Although Auschwitz was the place of nightmares for the more than 1 million people who were gassed, and for the very few who survived, it stands as a reminder run by the Polish Culture Ministry. It’s importance lies, in it’s stark and frightening reality of what can happen, when the very worst forms of demagoguery, nationalism, fear and hatred come to rule. Watch the footage below to see what only the very few survived during some of the darkest days known to mankind.

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