Grandma Buys $4,000 In Gift Cards, Then Target Cashier Realizes It’s A Scam

By: Emerald Pellot/Little Things  Two Target employees were recognized by the Hanover County Sheriff’s Office in Virginia for their keen instincts and eye for detail.

It all began when an elderly couple came into the store. They had received a phone call from a total stranger. The person said he was a police officer with a local jurisdiction and that he had arrested the couple’s grandson.

The only way to get their family member out of jail, he claimed, was by purchasing two $2,000 Target gift cards. The couple, wanting to help their grandson, immediately drove out to Target to buy the two cards.

The cashier, Matthew Tebbens, and another employee, Mariah Thomas, grew suspicious.

Before they charged the couple, they asked them a few questions about the purchase. Then they explained that the grandparents were most likely being scammed.

It turns out the concerned employees were correct. They successfully thwarted a huge financial scam — not to mention a lot of emotional stress.

After reporting it to the police, the Sheriff’s Office was stunned by seeing two ordinary citizens work together to help the couple.

“As law enforcement officers, we can’t be in all places at all times. It warms my heart to see our citizens go above and beyond to help each other, which in turn acts as another set of eyes and ears for the Sheriff’s Office,” said Hanover County Sheriff David R. Hines.

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