Why Dogs Do The Bizarre Things They Do

Dogs are a man’s best friend. These lovable and loyal companions make our lives more interesting and pleasurable. We claim to know our dogs well, but do we really? Most dog owners surely notice a few bizarre dog behaviors that challenge our understanding of our furry  companions. While most are hilarious, some are actually perplexing. Some of us don’t even really notice, for as long as it does not bother us. Hopefully this article will open your eyes and help you understand why some dogs do what they do.

Staring at you while they poop

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Some of us believe that the dog is ashamed of his actions that is why they stare at you…sort of saying “excuse me, but I gotta go.” Well the truth is, they are not ashamed, the stare is their trust in you to watch over them.

That cute doggie-smile

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We’ve all seen dogs appear to be smiling at times, but are they? Well, the answer is yes, they smile! It is a reaction due to their closeness to the human, they know it makes their human happy, so they in turn become happy.

The puzzling head-tilt

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This is a famous dog mannerism, head-tilting. It may appear as puzzlement on their part, as if they are trying to figure out what it is you said to them. Well that would be partially correct, but it is more due to the fact that they are trying to hear the sound better, so they tilt their head.

Butt sniffing

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We notice this when our dog meets a new dog, and presume that just as humans shake hands, dogs greet other dogs by sniffing. But there is more to it than just a greeting…they are studying the other pooch by finding out facts about it, where it came from, what they have been doing, and even what mood they are in or if they are friend or foe. A security check actually.

Grass eating dogs

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Many dog owners will tell you that dogs eat grass when they are sick of something,  just like a herbal treatment. While there is no proof about this, the fact is that dogs may like the flavor of the grass, simple as that.

Putting their head out the car window

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Nope, they aren’t car sick or like the wind blowing in their face (well they  like it actually), it is all about the scents. Sticking their heads outside the window allow dogs to smell and experience different scents, some new to them. It’s like going to a buffet of scents…

Those face lickers

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We believe dogs lick our faces to show affection, like kissing. Partly correct, they know it gives you pleasure, at the same time it gives them pleasure as well. It releases pleasurable endorphins, and they love the taste of salt on your skin too.

The humpers

Source: https://www.k9ofmine.com

Lots of people get grossed-out when a dog starts humping their leg. It is not always sexual though, it may be that they seek attention, or if done to other dogs, whether the same sex or opposite sex, it may be to assert dominance.

Howling at sirens

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We know some dogs howl, it is the wolf blood in them. But why at sirens? Well, it may seem to them as a form of communication, and so they reply with a similar sound, a yelp or a howl.

Messing up the place when you leave them alone

Source: https://www.southbostonanimalhospital.com

Sometimes, we leave for a while, and when we return home, the sofa had been chewed on by our lovable Rover. Why? It is not that the dog is mad at you for leaving…it all boils down to stress from separation anxiety. It also will depend on the breed of dog, some can’t stand being left alone, especially since they don’t know when or if you will come back.

Why some dogs don’t like to be hugged

Source: https://iheartdogs.com

Even while we humans like to express affection with hugs, dogs don’t understand hugs as they can’t hug. Some will take it as a form of aggression or dominance, and may feel threatened by a hug.

Hopefully this article was able to express some of the puzzling behaviors our lovable dogs do, and why they do it. There may be other weird behaviors dogs do, but if you feel that they are excessively done, you may want to have your pet checked by a dog behavior expert, or a dog psychologist. Just don’t go psycho about it.

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