What To Do If Your Dog Gets Stung By A Bee

By: Lily Feinn/The Dodo Long days and warm weather mean more time spent frolicking in the great outdoors for our pups, and they love to soak up the sun and chase anything buzzing around — whether it’s a butterfly, ladybug or (eep!) a bee.

So what should you do if your dog gets stung by a bee? If your pup sticks his snout in the wrong flower, try to remain calm. While the thought of anything harming your pal will likely make your blood boil, bee stings, though uncomfortable, are rarely fatal with the proper precautions.

To protect your pet, follow these simple steps, and you’ll be back to running in the park in no time:

1. Identify if your pup has been stung


Social media is full of pictures of poor doggos with swollen snouts, but the signs of a bee sting are not always so clear. If you think your pup might have been pricked, there are certain clues you can look for, suggests Dr. Sonja Olson, a senior clinician in emergency medicine for BluePearl Veterinary Partners. “You might see your dog lick or chew at their paw and be very tender about it,” Dr. Olson tells The Dodo. A pained yelp or limp are clear indicators that your pet may be in trouble.

2. Find the pesky spot

Today we are throwing it back to Penny's last #beekeeping experience. Her daddy may be a beekeeper, but Penny will stick…

Posted by Penny's Loafer on Thursday, March 17, 2016

6. Bee prepared

Olson notes that some dogs, like people, are prone to allergic reactions to stings, so if your pup has experienced a serious reaction in the past, the next time is likely to be similarly severe. If your pet is sensitive to stings, ask your primary veterinarian to recommend medications and other techniques to prepare for the future.

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