United Shows It’s A Force To Reckon With By Unveiling A New “Star Wars” Airplane

Source: https://image.insider.com

There is something new traversing the skies, and you have to be “one with the force” to appreciate it. United has launched a new plane serving its customers – their “star wars” airplane. It is painted differently on both sides to symbolize the dark side and the light side of the force, as with the movie theme. The interior cabin is also similarly divided. One side has the chairs of the “Resistance”, and the other, chairs for the “First Order.” You can choose which side you are on, depending on your mood. The maiden journey of the Boeing 737-800 commenced last November 2019. It was attended by stormtroopers and the droid BB-8. It was timed perfectly before the December release of the latest Star Wars saga – Episode IX. Bookings have been full, if you are interested in taking the airplane, you may track its routes with its number N36272. It will be making trips throughout the US, Canada, Central America, and the Carribean. Good luck, and may the force be with you.

Source: https://image.insider.com
Source: https://amazonaws.com
Source: https://www.flightradar24.com

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