Unique And Amazing Dressing Rooms Of The Rich And Famous

Celebrities and the rich and famous lead lives most of us envy. From the mansions they live in, luxury cars that drive them around, to expensive places they often go to. Some of us even wonder what kind of closets or dressing rooms they have. Well, wonder no more. Here are the dressing rooms and walk-in closets of some of the rich and famous:

Mariah Carey’s glittering closet

Source: https://i.imgur.com/

The most successful female solo artist of the 90s, Mariah Carey is worth more than $300 million. She is noted for her five-octave range, and nicknamed as the “Songbird Supreme” by the Guinness World Records. But those who know her, testify that she has one of the most fabulous and swanky closets in the celebrity world. The closet literally glitters, with shelf upon shelf of gold strappy heels adorning the walls, and a special compartment for leather knee-high boots. Her shoe collection could rival that of Imelda Marcos, plus she also has a handbag collection which includes the one given to her by boxing champ Floyd Mayweather.

Paris Hilton’s gorgeous suite

Source: https://www.preview.ph/

This gorgeous socialite has a very gorgeous closet-suite, filled with designer gowns and costly outfits. You will also notice her collection of bling, including her favorite accessory, sunglasses. There is even a grand chandelier that hangs over the unit, truly a symbol of luxury and opulence. Her shoes are arranged on color coordinated shelves for easy matching with her chosen outfit for the day.

Kate Hudson’s footwear sanctuary

Source: https://pmcfootwearnews.files.wordpress.com/

It is clear Kate Hudson is passionate about footwear, her closet reveals a “shrine” of shoes. There is a special collection behind glass to protect it from dust. Not to mention the designer gowns, sports apparel, and bags from the most well known designers.

Catherine Zeta Jones glamorous closet

Source: https://cf-images.eu-west-1.prod.boltdns.net/

This Welsch beauty has an amazing closet that will make you green with envy. Hermes silk shawls, Chanel bags, and metallic gold and silver shoes that glitter even with dim lights. The dark wooden cabinetry filled with swanky clothes, shoes, bags, and other stuff add to the ambience of grandeur.

Olivia Culpo’s trendy white space

Source: http://oliviaculpo.com/

This actress enlisted professional help to overhaul her walk-in closet and give it a fresh, neutral look. White translates to clean and fresh, and truly makes her collection of shoes, wardrobe, and handbags stand out. Plus the strategically located mirrors makes the space feel light and spacious. Add the white fur rug and ottoman, and salivate with envy.

Jessica Simpson’s closet of fashion

Source: Instagram

Actress, singer, and fashion designer, has a shoe collection properly stored in a fashionable closet. Her leopard print shoes stand out, as almost every print style and shape are evident. Of course it’s not all shoes, her designer wardrobe is amazing as well.

Jeffree Star’s magnificent pink room

Source: https://i.insider.com/

Make-up maestro and magnate Jeffree Star has a pink vault of treasures for a closet. It contains prized possessions like family heirlooms, one-of-a-kind designer bags, and other expensive stuff. In fact, the vault is bullet-proof, and uses a fingerprint and retina scanner to keep things secure. It is as pink as can be, including the leather seats and other furniture.

Huda Kattan’s rainbow closet

Source: https://www.harpersbazaararabia.com/

This social media star and well-known beauty blogger has a rainbow-colored filled closet that would make other celebrities a bit jealous. Filled with vintage Chanel bags, unique Louis Vuitton bags, Judith Lieber bags, and an array of designer sunglasses, her closet is truly remarkable. All accessories are neatly stored in shelves and storage organizers for ease of access.

Kim Kardashian’s colorful closet

Source: https://images.ladbible.com/

Everything in her closet is color-coordinated. Simple and minimalist, it still presents to be an amazing closet for her endless collection of bags, shoes, boots, fluffy coats, and sexy wardrobe.

Khloe Kardashian’s fitness collection

Source: https://www.usmagazine.com/

Fitness buffs will surely envy Khloe’s closet dedicated to her workout gear alone. Being a Kardashian, her stuff is well arranged, and also color-coordinated. There are separate sections for trainers, leggings, tops, jackets, and a glass cabinet reserved for her collection of resistance bands and gloves. This closet would inspire anybody to work-out.

The ornamented dressing room of Heart Evangelista

Source: https://www.cosmo.ph/

For those who don’t know Heart, she is a Filipina actress, commercial model, and talented artist, who is married to a Filipino senator. Her closet is truly amazing, marble-tiled floors, and gold trimmed finishes, showcase her elegant shoe collection and elaborate outfits. There is also room for her furry companion and beloved dog, Panda, who also serves as the guardian of the impressive collection.

Kris Jenner’s fashion showcase closet

Source: https://www.cosmo.ph/

The matriarch of the Kardashian dynasty has several closets that look like an apparel fashion store. The rooms contain decades of collecting, particularly the sparkling Judith Leiber bags. Each room is dedicated to a specific clothing accessory – all well organized.

Kylie Jenner’s mirrored handbag closet

Source: https://hips.hearstapps.com/

Kylie has an impressive collection of handbags, more than most celebrities. There are all kinds of designer bags, colors, shapes and sizes. Her favorites are the notoriously expensive Hermes purses and handbags. Special mention is given to her real favorite of them all, the Hermes Himalaya Birkin bag, which is made from crocodile skin. It is after all, one of the rarest handbags in the world. Oh, and just so it’s clear, she does have an extensive shoe collection as well. What’s a handbag without a matching pair of shoes, or outfits?

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