Trick Your Child Into Breaking The Pacifier Habit


The pacifier seems to be an essential gadget needed by parents who can’t seem to stop their adorable babies from crying their hearts out. It seems that the pacifier does pacify the toddler, but the fact is that they get used to it and will continue screaming if the pacifier is removed. They become dependent on it. So what seems to be the problem? Unfortunately, studies have shown that some pacifiers may cause dental problems, affect speech development, and cause some dependency issues later on. So, it is best to break the habit sooner than later. While you may be able to bribe your kids with lots of different toys and treats, if they have gotten used to the pacifier, good luck to you. Well, there is an alternative solution, and it requires cunning, deception, and sabotage. Poking a small hole on the tip of the pacifier causes it to release its air, and make it less satisfying to suck on. This may confuse the kid, but as soon as he realizes it is not as comforting as it was, he or she may lose interest in it and not depend on it anymore. A small hole created by a pin is all you need, don’t make a large hole as it may have negative consequences, like choking on small pieces of the rubber tip if they break-off.  Besides, a small hole will not be detected by the toddler, so he has no evidence to “pin” it on you.

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