This Makeup Artist Makes His Clients Look Amazingly Younger Without Using Photoshop


Most of us who age want to appear younger looking. Some go through expensive plastic surgery to remove flaws and defects, others maintain a religious routine with creams, meds, diets, and exercise. There is an overabundance of makeup artists who can help transform regular people into great looking personalities. But there are a few masters of the makeup world who can really create works of art so beautiful, it is almost unbelievable. Some of these works look like Photoshop transformations, but they are not.

One such makeup maestro is Anar Agakishiev  from Azerbaijan. He focuses on transforming women of all ages into surprisingly beautiful creatures. This women are not the typical model types, they are regular middle-aged or older women, whom he beautifies with his skills. He has a particular talent for hiding wrinkles and folds using highlights and shading. He believes everyone has the right to feel beautiful and be happy about their appearance, this is what inspires him to work his best.

Anar was born in 1984 and was immediately interested in fashion. But at the behest of his family, he entered into med school. But his dream of working to make women more beautiful made him leave school, and he found work as a hairdresser. His interest in makeup made him take classes and workshops…eventually he became an advanced stylist and established himself. He worked with models and singers initially and won some competitions and received several awards for makeup artistry. He further challenged himself to transform regular older women into model-looking beauties. The rest is history. Check out his instagram to view several more of his amazing transformations. Truly a master of the makeup world.

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