The Enchanting and Mystical Hallerbos Bluebells Forest

There are forests around the world that are truly captivating and beautiful. But there is one that really stands out in Belgium. The Hallerbos is an enchanting blue forest carpeted with purple-blue wild hyacinth flowers flourishing all over the place during spring. They are known as bluebells, and appear to be mystical, like in a fairytale. This enchanting forest has attracted many visitors and photographers in droves. It is truly a magnificent sight to experience. A walk in the forest is unbeatable, and very rewarding. You don’t have to be a nature-lover to realize the unparalleled beauty of Hallerbos. It is in the municipality of Halle, about 25 kilometers away from Brussels by car. Dense bluebells on the forest floor indicate the forest is quite old. But it does not mean all the trees are old, though it has remained wooded for about 400 years. While visitors are most welcome, there are certain rules that must be followed. First of all, picking flowers is strictly prohibited.  That should be plain common sense. Staying on the path is also required, stepping on the flowers and soil will destroy them surely. Dogs are welcome, but have to be leashed, and owners must pick up after their dogs, if needed. Not really strict rules, and it is meant to preserve the beauty it offers to visitors. So take a look at some of the photos selected here, and if you can, do visit the forest personally. You will surely be enchanted.

Robert Harding
Mother Nature Network
Twisted Sifter
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