Scientists Explain Why It Is Dangerous To Sleep With Your Pets

By: Hillary Nguyen-Don/Providr  We all know that a dog is a man’s best friend. So why not let them sleep in bed with you? These furry little guys are all soft and cuddly like a pillow and with them by your side, you know that they will protect you from burglars.

The idea of having your dog sleep on its lonely little dog bed just sounds torturous to you. So, of course, you’re going to let your pal snuggle up into the comfort of your own King sized mattress. But is there a downside to letting your pet sleep in your bed?

It turns out that it might not just be the two of your sleeping in that bed. According to a veterinary health expert, Dr. Jane Heller of Charles Sturt University, close contact with your pet can increase your chances of sickness and infection.

‘Pets are not sterile… so there is always some chance of bacterial or parasitic transfer from companion animals to humans. And clearly, those risks are greater if you are sleeping in, or generally closely sharing, the same environment as your animal,’ she explains.

For example, you can actually get ear mites! These are tiny little mites that are usually found in animals like cats and dogs, but they can also be found in humans. Gross right?! They spread very quickly and are found in the ear canal of their host.

Other things like fleas and ticks can also attach themselves to your bedding which will end up being a nuisance to clean. Even if you may not be able to see them on your dog, they could still be there.

In order to minimize the risk of getting these things, you should have your pets dewormed and vaccinated. In addition, you should be giving your pets regular baths as well as checking their ears for possible mites.

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