Police Find Parents Unconscious In Park With Baby Twice In The Same Day

By:  /Providr  Being a parent is not easy, but giving your kid the love and affection it deserves goes without question. No matter how tired you are or how crazy your kid is driving you, you still give them the best life possible.

Someone should really explain this to 2 parents who were found passed out in the middle of the street, while their baby was wide awake beside them. To make matters worse, police found them in this state twice in the same day.

The police released photos and videos of the incident and what is seen is both shocking and upsetting.

According to Daily Mail, police first said the parents passed out next to a makeshift table with alcohol and baby bottles scattered around them.


It was reported that the child was strapped into his stroller while his 28-year-old parents were “sprawled in the dirt, unconscious.”


The police took the family to the police station and the parents were given an official warning. They were released by the authorities shortly thereafter.


But clearly, the police warning fell upon deaf ears, as only a few hours later the parents were found unconscious once again.

Daily Mail

Police found both parents had passed out again, however, this time their baby was seen out of the stroller and holding onto the 28-year-old father’s foot.


The officers put the toddler back into the stroller and yet again took the two intoxicated parents back to the police station. Only this time they were not released that quickly.


The parents’ names have not been revealed by the police, but both are now being investigated for child neglect and cruelty.


It has been reported that their son has been taken away from them and is in the safe hands of social services until this is all sorted out.


The story shocked many after it was shared on social media and people could not stop themselves from commenting on this disturbing situation.


Parents especially had a lot to say about this troubled couple, especially after finding out that they had placed their toddler in danger twice in one day.


When people are acting negligently it definitely is no surprise that others take it very seriously. But having a baby involved takes it to a whole new level.


One person wrote: “What a pair of imbeciles. I hope you learned your lesson.” Once the story was posted on Facebook, more and more comments started pouring in.


Another person online commented about the inebriated parents saying: “Poor baby, my heart is bleeding when I’m looking at him hugging the dirty shoe, it’s horrible.”


Many agreed that the parents should not be given any chances in having their child back, adding that doing something that horrible twice in one day is inexcusable.


The Daily Mail shared a lengthy comment made by someone on Facebook who noted “If you plan on having kids, at least let them be the reason you wake up everyday…”

We really hope something will be done to help these parents get their life back on track so they can be suitable parents to this poor baby.

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