Japan Is Going Insane About Sea Bunnies, A Furry Sea Slug Species

When you think of sea slugs, you may cringe at the thought of these slimy creatures. But in Japan, they are going gaga over a special sea slug, the Jorunna parva, or the Sea Bunnies. Japan’s Twittersphere considers them the cutest sea slugs on the planet. It actually looks like a furry bunny. What look like bunny ears are actually rhinophores, or chemosensory scent and taste organs that help the slugs detect chemicals in the water, and make their way across the ocean floor. This sea slug has been popular in japan since 2015, and continues to amuse a lot of Japanese. The fur is called caryophyllidae, and is used for sensory functions. The sea bunnies also come in different colors. Aside from the common white, there are yellow sea bunnies with black specks, and greenish colored sea bunnies which are quite rare. They are reported in the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, and Seychelles, aside from Japan. They often cling to submerged vegetation, and spend the majority of their lives at the sea bottom. You have to admit, for a sea slug, they are cute.

Raffi Amar
ZME Science

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