I Want The F***ing Rock! Dwayne Johnson Gains Hollywood Support For A Presidential Run

By: Heather Snowden/Movie Pilot  At this rate, by the end of 2017, Dwayne Johnson will not only be the highest paid actor in the world and one of the planet’s most insanely stacked humans, but he could have quite a legit following in Hollywood should he actually decide to run for the presidency in 2020.

Back in November last year, the Baywatch actor told Vanity Fair that, considering Trump’s then recent election, clearly anything was possible and thus he wouldn’t rule out standing for the position in the future:

“I wouldn’t rule it out. It would be a great opportunity to help people, so it’s possible. This past election shows that anything can happen.”

I, for one, would fully back a presidency; he’s far more predictable than the current thumb in power, and if Moana taught us anything it’s that he can spin a good yarn, causing audiences to bow down at the foot of his lies, which is apparently a required trait for the role.

Seemingly, and tbh quite surprisingly, the provoking director Michael Moore feels similarly. Talking to Variety, Moore chatted about how his new show The Terms of My Surrender will take his fight against Donald Trump to Broadway, and how the Democrats don’t realize that having a movie star at the helm of their campaign would be — in his opinion — very effective:

“One things the Democrats didn’t understands is that Trump is a beloved TV star. I’ve had this question now for almost 20 years — Why don’t the Democrats run Tom Hanks? Why doesn’t Oprah run? Why don’t we run someone that’s beloved by the American people? Democrats always shy away from Hollywood, and I always say to them, “Really? Because out where I live, people love Hollywood! They love the movies. They love stars.” The Republicans run Reagan, they run Schwarzenegger. Gopher from “The Love Boat” was elected to Congress in Iowa. They run Sonny Bono. Why don’t the Democrats run somebody that people love?”

And how does he feel about Dwayne’s proposal?

“Run the Rock! Run the Rock. Who do you want for commander in chief? I want the f—ing Rock! It would scare anybody that would hurt us. Think about how safe we would be if the Rock was president. Not Vin Diesel! The Rock. Or Liam Neeson, but Liam Neeson can’t run because our Constitution says you have to be born here. So who’s the American Liam Neeson that we could run? Because nobody would f— with him.”

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