Grandma Passes Away So Family Honors Her by Displaying All Her Quilts At Her Funeral

By: Ryan Aliapoulios/Shareably  Losing the people we love is a hard fact of life, though sometimes the grieving process can bring us closer together in ways we don’t expect. It can also make us reconsider the roles we’ve played in the lives of others, especially those that we’ve lost. Few stories illustrate these lessons better than a recent one out of Nebraska.

Margaret Hubl was 89 years old when she died. Throughout her life, one of her hobbies was quilting—and she was prolific. In her honor, her entire family decided to display all of her handiwork at her funeral as a testament to their love for her. Still, the undertaking was revealing for her children and grandchildren as well.

What nobody expected was the sheer number of quilts Hubl made. What makes the story all the more touching, however, is what the quilts represented to Hubl when she was alive. Although sewing and quilting were a good way to pass the time, her quilts were more pointedly away for Hubl to show her love for her children. This lesson especially hit home for Christina Tollman, Hubl’s granddaughter. “Never did I imagine how many there were,” she says. “We covered almost every single pew in the church.”

Throughout her life, Hubl had three children before taking care of her daughter-in-law’s kids after she died. Alongside her husband Henry, Hubl raised all five children together as if they were all her own. When Hubl started sewing it was a relatively manageable hobby. After all, she was just making clothes for her family. But as her kids grew up, they had kids of her own and suddenly her job got even bigger.

 As her grandchildren started graduating, Hubl started making quilts for each of them as they left high school. It was only after Hubl passed that all her grandchildren realized how much thought and care their grandmother had put into each of the quilts. “This is the love that Grandma made for each of us,” Tollman says. “This is what she made for each of us to wrap up in when we were hurt. When we miss her.”

Above all, this story reminds us to pause and consider how much we cherish those around us while they’re still here. It may also give us pause to think about how we show one another we care, and how even the small things can mean so much more than we think. Although it can be hard to let go, Hubl’s family will always have their grandmother’s handiwork as a reminder of the love they shared while they were still together.

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