Girl Jumps From Car, Runs Toward Construction Worker. He Calls 911 Then Realizes Who Was Driving

By: Varvara Budetti/Liftable  As the weather warms up, roadside construction picks up. Normally, this would be a mild annoyance for many, but for one Virginia teen in July 2015, the construction site was a huge blessing.

Kevin Huntington was working on the busy Interstate 95 near mile marker 155 in Virginia. There’s always something going on along the hectic road, but one day, he saw something he never expected.

A car was quickly coming toward the construction site. All of a sudden, a teenage girl jumped from the car and ran toward Huntington.

It was pretty clear that something was going on. “I noticed a female jump out of the car, she came running up to us and you could tell she was pretty distraught and terrified,” Huntington told WTVR.

"I asked the female if she was okay and she said no, there was a man trying to kill her, I told her just stay behind me…

Posted by WHNT News 19 on Thursday, July 23, 2015

The 18-year-old begged him to call 911. Huntington did so immediately.

What came out of her mouth next shocked him to his core. “I asked the female if she was okay and she said no, there was a man trying to kill her, I told her just stay behind me and I wouldn’t let anything happen to her,” he said.

Huntington consoled her and let her know that she was safe. Thankfully, he was right.

Police were soon rushing to the scene. They were already alerted about the possible abduction but now knew exactly where to find the man, Aaron Berg, of Glen Allen, thanks to Huntington’s call.

Soon after, Berg was arrested. He was accused of kidnapping, strangling, and sexually assaulting the young girl.

Huntington remembered seeing Berg that day. He even had the audacity to come up to them.

“He did approach us,” he recalled. “He came up the shoulder and got out of the car and noticed he was on the phone.”

The teen was finally safe, and her assaulter was rightfully put behind bars. After the ordeal, Huntington learned and shared an important lesson.

“Pick up the phone and help somebody, you never know who’s life you may save,” he said. Huntington is definitely a hero and his story reminds us that anyone one of us could be called on to help.

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