Elvis Presley’s Untouched 1962 Jet Is Up For Sale, And The Interior Is Absolutely Incredible

By: Ileana Paules-Bronet/Little Things  Elvis Presley was known not only for his music but also for his stellar taste in food — hello, peanut butter, banana, bacon sandwich — as well as clothing (blue suede shoes, anyone?).

The always-stylish Elvis apparently had amazing taste in furniture, too. At least, that was the case if his private jet is any example.

In 1962, Elvis bought a private jet, a Lockheed Jetstar. He designed the inside himself. Along with beautiful wood paneling, the plane also featured shag carpet and red velvet seats (what a masterpiece).

After Elvis died in 1977, the plane sat abandoned on a tarmac in New Mexico.

Now, however, the plane is up for auction — so fans of The King can bid on his one-of-a-kind personal plane.

Although the plane definitely needs a lot of work, it’s definitely a fascinating piece of history with some amazing rock-and-roll vibes.

To see photos of the plane’s interior, keep reading!

Thumbnail Source: Wikimedia

Elvis shared this red jet with his dad, Vernon Presley. But after The King died, the plane was abandoned.

For over 30 years, the plane has been sitting on a tarmac in New Mexico.

The red paint on the outside of the airplane looks a little dilapidated, but, overall, the plane is in pretty good shape.

This private jet is obviously special, but just wait until you see what’s inside!

Just look at this funky interior!

The walls are adorned with wood paneling, the floors are covered in red shag carpet, and the chairs are a stunning shade of red velvet.

The plane is set up with a little living room, complete with a vintage television and cupholders set right into the velvet armrest.

Anyone could get cozy in this living room — this would make long-distance flights so much easier!

The plush chairs are soft and cushiony — and there’s enough space in the cabin for a whole group of people.

Behind the living room, there’s also a small kitchen setup.

Take a look at that old microwave — can’t you just imagine Elvis heating up a peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwich in this microwave?

It’s probably not functional anymore, but it’s a pretty cool antique.

The most stunning part of all might be the bathroom (with red velvet curtains, of course).

Just take a moment and think about what normal plane bathrooms look like in economy class, then imagine how much nicer it would be to use this one!


Would you love to step foot in this incredible airplane?

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