Doomsday Preppers Have Been Preparing For Eventualities Like The Coronavirus Pandemic For Decades And Have Been Stockpiling On Food For Years

Some of us thought these so-called doomsday preppers were exaggerating things a bit, even laughing about how weird they were. After all, many believed that doomsday was not going to happen in the near future, or in this lifetime. But nobody is laughing now with the Coronavirus pandemic. It may not exactly have been what most of the doomsday preppers were preparing for, but unlike the rest of the world, they are prepared. While people are panic buying nowadays as commodities are becoming scarce, shelves in supermarkets are empty, lockdowns are being enforced, some families are well equipped for the situation. After all, they have been preparing for decades, and have bunkers stocked with all the necessary essentials to survive for months, if not years. Let us meet some of them and listen to their story.

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Survivalist James Wesley Rawles, 59, has been preparing for the worst for about 15 years. He moved his family away to a secluded place, surrounded by a national forest and miles away from civilization. They have been living an off-the-grid lifestyle, and James hunts for food and tends to his crops. But they have stocked up on essential things needed for survival, including 95 face masks, hundreds of pairs of latex gloves, and four years supply of food, among other things. He urges fellow Americans to adopt a preppers way of life and start now. “I hate to say I told you so…but I told you so! I think the changes we are going to see in the next few months will be profound. I hate to say it, but 2020 and 2021 could be the year that grandma and grandpa die,” he told the Sun Online.

James says he has been a survivalist since he was in his teens. He moved his family to the wilderness since 1992, to prepare for events like the Coronavirus. The Rawles are completely self-sufficient, they have their own power supply, so if the power grids were to go down, they would be able to carry on normally. James’ website has about 120,000 loyal readers who learn from him tips to staying safe, should the worst happen.

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Meet Dale Lambert, 67, a divorced-dad of two. He lives in the small village of Morton, Illinois, and has spent years preparing for an outbreak like the Coronavirus. “I have year’s worth of food in a storage unit about half a mile from my home, and nine months more on the way. It’s all freeze-dried with a 30-year shelf life. I also have a pantry and two small freezers nearly full.” Dale further adds, “Since I do believe that everyone will be eventually exposed to Corona, the biggest defense that a person can do in my opinion is to strengthen and fortify their immune system.” According to this prepper, he takes 40 vitamins a day, and has been doing so for 30 years!  He believes this practice has stripped years off his appearance, and keeps him as “healthy as a horse”. He does not plan to live in a bunker like other preppers, he is prepared to spend months in his home, and only venture out for important stuff, like getting supplies, and walking his dog. While he is prepared with all the necessary stuff, his fear is that people with conditions keep relying on medications from China. He stresses that if China recovered completely from the virus, it would still take several months to be able to supply the demand for their medicines. “The supply chain is completely shattered,” he says. “I think we’ve got a real and pending tragedy coming our way that people can’t wrap their mind around yet,” he continues.

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While there are a lot of doomsday preppers all over the world, some of them have actually purchased luxury underground bunkers. One of America’s biggest companies has seen the demand for bunkers rise with the recent pandemic. People are spending tens of thousands for a shelter to stockpile and ride out the nightmare. Vivos everything from stunning, kitted-out individual bunkers, to one for a community with 575 individual spaces, almost the size of Manhattan. “As a result of the current Coronavirus threat and the ripple of subsequent consequences, the demand for Vivos has exponentially grown, with people no longer inquiring on a curiosity point of view, but now ready to get off the proverbial fence and secure a space while they still can,” Vivos explained in a statement to Sun Online.

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Some of these bunkers are for the super rich, with luxurious amenities, thick blast-proof doors, and supplies that are more than ordinary. At the Vivos xPoint facility in South Dakota, there are 575 bunkers on private roads, each with enough floor space for 10-24 people, and capable of withstanding a 500,000 pound blast. Some of the bunkers are being leased for a downpayment of $35,000, and an annual fee of $1,000. Some go for much more. But all across America, there are a number of co-ownership shelters offered, some with just the basics, and others with kitchens, bedrooms, and living areas with sofas and entertainment gadgets. “Think of them as submarines complete with redundant equipment, systems and supplies to assure a comfortable lockdown for as long as it takes,” Vivos adds.

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Well, people are panicking all over the planet. Some merchants are taking advantage of the situation, and jacking up prices of necessities like face masks, gloves, and even food. It is unfortunate that some people will do anything to make money, even during a global crisis. It seems these doomsday preppers were right to prepare for events such as the Coronavirus pandemic. Hopefully it will disappear, but the stigma will remain for some time. And surely, there will be more doomsday preppers preparing for things to come.

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