Couple Adopt Dying Neighbor’s 3 Kids But When They Get Home, Their Old House Has Gone

By: Hayden Bailey/Happiest  Audrey who was a single mother of three had been feeling under the weather for a while, the doctor suggested she head over to the hospital to get some tests done. She asked her neighbors who she only knew a little if they could look after her kids for the night.

Her neighbor ‘Tisha’ who is a mother of 5! Accepted, there wasn’t much space in her home already, but she agreed to help.

After an anxious wait, Audrey’s results came in and the doctor asked her to come down to the surgery. The news was bad and she was diagnosed with stage two oesophageal and stomach cancer and heartbreakingly it was terminal.

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Andrey knew her time was running out but she was prepared to fight before it was too late she also wanted to make sure her children were going to be okay.

Andrey and Tisha weren’t close friends. Busy working lives and 8 children between them prevented them having the time to get to know each other properly.

Regardless, Andrey took a chance and asked if Tisha would become the guardian of her three children. Amazingly, Kevin and Tisha said yes, with five children of their own, they opened the doors to their home.

They wanted to help, they wanted to do all they could to ease the pain the children would suffer, with their mother’s imminent passing growing ever closer.

Audrey thought she had more time but before long she sadly passed away.

Below is a highly emotional video that tells the beautiful tale in a way that words on a page just can’t. The ‘Fox5 Surprise Squad’ came to hear about the selfless actions of the family and the heartbreak of the three children left behind, and had to help.

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Posted by FOX5 Las Vegas on Wednesday, January 4, 2017

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