Child’s Screams Echo In Parking Lot. Shopper Follows Voice To Trunk, Makes Horrifying Realization

By: Noell Wolfgram Evans/Liftable  No one is a perfect parent. I’m sure every parent will tell you that.

And yet we try. Well most of us try. There are some parents who are so far removed from the discussion, it makes you sad, sick even.

Meet Tori Castillo. This Riverdale, Utah mother has two children, a 5-year-old and a 2-year-old.

We know who Castillo is because on May 25 she took her children shopping. A routine task, right?

One would think it was routine. Castillo though has a different way to shop with her children.

A woman named Heidi had gone grocery shopping with a friend at Walmart. As they loaded the groceries into their car, something caught Heidi’s ear.

It was one of those sounds that you can’t initially make out, but that you know just feels wrong. Heidi followed the sound to a car trunk!

When she found the source she suddenly realized what was making the sounds. A little girl.

“She was like, ‘Mom, let me out! Let me out! Mom!! Help!!’ She was screaming and crying,” Heidi told KTSU.

Heidi got the girl to calm down and helped her through the process of opening the emergency latch in the truck. When it popped open, there was not just one girl inside but two!

These were the Castillo children. Heidi grabbed one child, another woman who had come over to help grabbed the other.

The police were called. As they arrived guess who else showed up. That’s right, Castillo.

She told police that the babysitter she had lined up wasn’t able to make it, so this was her only alternative. As excuses for inexcusable actions go, this one was pretty weak.

Castillo was charged with four counts of child abuse and one charge of theft. The kids are under care while the case continues.

How fortunate that Heidi acted on the noises she heard instead of chalking it up to “something odd” as she drove away. Thanks to her actions, this story will hopefully see a happy ending for the two children.

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