Celebrity Chef Brings 45,000 Meals To Puerto Rico — And Won’t Stop There

By: Good News Network  For nine days celebrity chef José Andrés has been in Puerto Rico cooking and delivering thousands of daily meals for hungry survivors of Hurricane Maria—and he’s only getting started.

“We have big dreams because people have big needs,” the Spanish-American chef told his Twitter followers in a video update.

Today alone he says the crew from his nonprofit World Central Kitchen will be giving away 45,000 meals – ten thousand sandwiches, ten thousand chicken with rice dishes, paella galore, cooked up in huge roadside pots, and even hot dogs and burgers.

“The supermarkets around here, they have no food,” he reported, using his hashtag #ChefsForPuertoRico. “But people have their hopes up—you can see them smiling and they don’t complain.”

The chef, known for his restaurants in Washington, DC also announced on Twitter that he and his volunteers have set up a kitchen in the area, where there is no electricity or water, and hopes to be able to deliver 100,000 meals daily by the end of the week.

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