Animal Sanctuary Flooded By Hurricane Rushes To Save Everyone

By: /The Dodo  “When you’re faced with circumstances like that you’re stronger than you think.”

Renee King-Sonnen is the kind of person who has made a habit of overcoming the impossible.

She married a cattle rancher — and now the ranch is a sanctuary. All the cows that were being raised for slaughter were saved, transformed from products to beloved pets.

Her husband then stopped eating meat. At first, it was for health reasons and the environment. “Now he loves these animals like they’re his own kids,” King-Sonnen told The Dodo.

Rowdy Girl Sanctuary

The sanctuary, which officially started in early 2015, is now home to 96 animals. Some were raised by kids for 4-H projects who then realized they couldn’t bring themselves to sell their animal to slaughter. Others were rescued from abuse, like several chickens saved from a cockfighting ring. There are also pigs, horses, dogs, turkeys — Rowdy Girl Sanctuary has saved all kinds.

Renee King-Sonnen

So when King-Sonnen learned of a Category 4 hurricane, Hurricane Harvey, heading her way, she decided to prepare for yet another impossible feat — making sure every single one of her animals would be safe.

Renee King-Sonnen

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