America’s First Cannabis Drive-Thru Has Opened In Colorado

By: Brittney Sanger/Herb A few of your favorite things can be picked up at a drive-thru. Whether it be a tasty burger or a cup of coffee, you can have it all without having to step out of your car. And now, you can just as easily grab your ganja. The first-ever weed drive-thru is officially open in Parachute, Colorado. If you’re tired of having to walk inside a dispensary to pick up your pot, then the Tumbleweed Express Drive-Thru is about to change the way you purchase your buds.

The first-ever weed drive-thru is officially open in Parachute, Colorado

Buying your weed at a drive-thru may seem like a pipe dream. But it turns out that dream is now a reality.

There is now a weed drive-thru in Parachute, Colorado that is open and ready for business. As of 420, the Tumbleweed Express Drive-Thru has become the nation’s first drive-thru pot shop to allow its customers to purchase their bud right from their car.

While it’s advertised as being a drive-thru, you don’t actually pull up to a window like you would at a McDonald’s. According to Mark Smith, chief executive of Tumbleweed, you simply drive on in,

A door opens up and you drive the car into the building. Then the door closes behind you, like in a Jiffy Lube. So in essence, you’re inside the dispensary, but in a vehicle.

The store opened just in time, too. Colorado just released numbers showing that the retail sales of weed are hitting record highs in 2017.

The experience

In case you’re wondering if the same rules apply as they would typical dispensary, the answer is yes. Everyone in the vehicle must be at least 21, even if you’re in the backseat. Otherwise, you cannot get inside, according to Ridge Currington,

You have to be 21 years of age to come in, everybody in the car has to be 21 years of age, you can’t come in with anyone under age.

Everybody has to have their ID’s checked at the point of entrance, as well as the point of sale.

The business will provide security and surveillance at the point of sale. Also, the pot you purchase must not be visible to anyone outside of the dispensary.

The Tumbleweed Express Drive-Thru is open from 4 pm to midnight Thursday through Sunday. As for the products they sell, there are roughly 15 different strands to choose from: lower, middle, and top tiers, all of which come at a decent price,

Bronze shelf, $6 a gram, $20 for the 8th and it goes up from there with the 8th pricing. Our gold shelf, $10 for the gram and $30 for the 8th, our platinum shelf will be $12 for a gram and $35 for the 8th.

So far, the pot drive-thru has been a hit, according to its customers. For this reason, the business is looking to open two more stores in the future, one in Frisco and the other in Carbondale. What a time to be alive.

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