After Losing His Hind Legs, This Brave Kitty Is Now An Internet Hero For His Prosthetic Legs

Accidents happen, and recovery from them depends on the individual. Same is true for our animal friends. An orange tabby named Vituzzo Superstar demonstrated remarkable resilience after being run over accidentally by a car. It lost both its hind legs, even as surgeons tried to save them. Also, Vituzzo’s humans were on their honeymoon and unable to comfort him during his time of need.

The accident happened in 2018, and a year later, the brave cat was fitted with prostheses and started to use the “robotic” legs to move around,  just like his other 4-legged friends. It wasn’t easy getting used to it, adjustments had to be made. Vituzzo expressed this on his Instagram – “It was not easy to get back on my feet with these stilts, or get used to not jumping anymore and not being the boss of my neighborhood.” But seriously, the love and support of his moms and close friends gave the tabby heart and courage to enjoy living his best ever. Well being a “bionic” feline surely has its perks. Life goes on, maybe we all can learn some lessons in life from this “Superstar” cat.

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