A Weird-Eyed Husky Finds Love Via The Internet After Being Rejected By Breeder

Source: Husky House

A surprisingly goofy-eyed adorable husky was dropped off at the Husky House shelter in Matawan, New Jersey, 2 years ago after the breeder complained he could not sell the weird looking dog. Well, they say that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It seemed the breeder did not appreciate the quirky condition of his husky. But the shelter staff wrote out a heartbreaking appeal on Facebook to woo an interested owner to adopt the husky, Jubilee.

Source: https://shareably.netd

“Huskies are majestic looking dogs, and I don’t know why I don’t look like them,” Jubilee wrote (with the staff’s help of course). “ I wish I was beautiful so someone would want me to be their dog.” Even without looking at the adorable dog’s pictures, the message would surely bring tears to the eyes of dog-lovers all around. Just because a dog, or any creature for that matter, looks different, by no means means it is ugly and should be rejected. The message went viral, and not only did Jubilee become an internet sensation, she found a new home. Thousands of people responded to the Facebook posts and said things like, “ She’s right, she’s not pretty – she’s beautiful.” And they were absolutely correct…we wonder what the breeder was thinking about when he let go of this adorable dog. The shelter said the condition was congenital, but posed no health risks or problems. It just makes the dog look cuter than all other huskies, a good trait most definitely.

Source: Husky House

The shelter also arranged for a farewell makeover for Jubilee, thanks to the services provided by a nearby grooming center. “We want to thank everyone for the overwhelming amount of support, comments, love and outreach for our Jubilee,” the shelter posted on Facebook. “She is very special.” And for that breeder out there…shame on you!

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