A “Stick Library” Crafted By A Kind Man For All Dogs At His Local Park

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Dogs love playing with sticks, whether it’s “fetch” with a human, or just “sticking” around. Most parks have enough fallen branches for dogs to play with, but some are not as rich in the natural dog toys. Well, a New Zealand craftsman, Andrew Taylor, decided to address the problem at his local park by creating a “stick library” for the dogs. “Our dog Bella loves a good stick, but there were no good sticks at our new dog park in Kaiapoi,” explains Taylor’s daughter Tayla. “So my wholesome dad made a stick library so all the doggos can enjoy a good stick,” she adds. The idea actually came about when Taylor was trimming trees by his house and wondered what could be done with the leftover branches. His idea was born, ad he started sanding and cutting each branch into a perfect dog stick and put them all in a wooden crate with the words “Stick Library. Please return” engraved on the top.

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Tayla proudly posted her father’s work online and even organized an event to celebrate the newly opened stick library. “Approximately 50 people turned up with their dogs and one guy even brought his cat,” Tayla proudly reveals. Her videos capture her dad working on the project, and local dogs enjoying the stick library. “ All the dog owners appreciate it as they all have experienced the “good stick search” which isn’t always fruitful, it’s an idea that just makes sense to them,” she adds. For sure the dogs will continue to borrow sticks from the stick library… We wonder about the cat though.

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