A Seemingly Infinite Sea Of Millions Of Blue Flowers Engulf A Japanese Park


Japan is known as a flora paradise, there is an abundance of beautiful flowers. Japanese gardens always seem so amazing and marvelous, so it comes to no surprise that parks in Japan would be equally astonishing. It is an important aspect of Japanese culture, and the Japanese people take pride in having great landscapes and cultured gardens and parks. There are several large flower fields in the country, some privately owned, and others a government-owned tourist attraction. Every season brings a different charm, and local and foreign tourists enjoy their visits.

One special site not to be missed, is the Hitachi Seaside Park near Mito in the Ibaraki Prefecture, which aside from being a great place for cycling and walking about, is abundant with several varieties of beautiful seasonal flowers. Particularly the Nemophila Harmony in bloom, which is the best time to visit the park from late April to mid-May.


The park is about 190 acres, but an 8.6 acre area of the Miharashi hills is covered by about 4.5 million Nemophila flowers, also known as “baby blue eyes.” While you may wonder who really counted the number of flowers, it surely is a substantial amount to cover every inch of the hill like an infinite sea of blue. But there are pathways not carpeted by the blue beauties, for people to be able to get up close to them and enjoy the spectacular sight. However, due to the global Coronavirus pandemic, the park has been closed since April 4 until further notice.

But for those who can’t wait to experience the astonishing fields of baby blue eyes, you can actually grow your own. They will do well in most terrains and are easy to maintain. A little fertilizer will be needed when you plant the seeds, but that is all. It is best to plant in the early spring, and where they will have partial shade and some wind protection. The seedlings will need lots of water during the first six weeks of germination, but once they bloom, only a little water will be needed to sustain them.

Have your own sea of blue in your yard, it will truly be an amazing sight, and the envy of your neighbors. They will also attract bees and butterflies, and will surely be worth the little trouble in having these amazing flowers. Still, having said that, it is always a good decision to drop by the Hitachi Seaside Park when you visit Japan after the Coronavirus pandemic is over. Surely a sight to behold.

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