A ‘Love Army’ Of People Donate $9 Million To These Las Vegas Hero Funds

By: Good News Network  Within hours of a tragic shooting, online fundraising campaigns began collecting donations for victims and their families. In two days they raised more than nine million dollars.

Whether it be for a Marine Veteran who stole a truck to drive dozens of the wounded to a local hospital, or those whose lives were lost, these GoFundMe campaigns have captured the hearts of the public who want to become helpers.

The Las Vegas Victims’ Fund, set up by Clark County Commission Chair Steve Sisolak has raised the most, $8.42 million. Three million of that came from MGM Resorts International and $50,000 each was donated by the Oakland Raiders and NFL Foundation. Funds will be used to provide relief and financial support to the victims and families .

GoFundMe itself has also donated $50,000 to #LoveArmy, one of the nonprofits collecting money for relief.

Jonathan Smith survived the shooting, reportedly saving multiple lives while ushering people to safety before he was shot and wounded. Jonathan’s sister-in-law has raised $49,000 in her campaign to help with medical and living expenses for the father of three until he can get back to work. He was in the celebrated city for his brother’s 43rd birthday.

Las Vegas businesses are pitching in to help with the aftermath, too – Uber is offering free rides to anyone going to or from blood donation centers around the city. Additionally, United Airlines announced that it would waive their fees for changed flights, and Allegiant Airlines said that they would be offering free flights to any family members of the shooting victims.

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