A Hefty 100-Pound Pit Bull Is Allowed To Sleep In A Crib With A Toddler By Her Father

The Dodo

There is some footage going viral in the internet about a pit bull beside a toddler in a crib. It was taken by the father of the little child, who allowed their dog to sleep with their daughter in her crib. The little girl, Adalynn Leary, was having anxiety problems and could not sleep alone. She was traumatized before the filming of the video, by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake that shook the town in Alaska where she lives. Traumatic experiences can really be damaging, especially to a toddler who can’t really express her emotions clearly. It can scar the child emotionally and psychologically. Fear and anxiety causes stress, and can affect normal sleep habits. Ady was so distraught that she could not sleep after the earthquake. But this special girl found a unique way to tackle her feelings of fear.

Her pit bull companion, Fury, is her protector and friend. They have a special bond that can’t be broken. The anxiety that Ady was going through was felt by her pet, and he was going to help her through it. While animals can’t communicate verbally, they can sense what we are feeling, emotions such as fear, sadness, joy, etc. Fury obviously felt Ady’s fear, and was with her all the way after the earthquake to reassure her that she was safe. So he snuggled up beside her, being her protector and friend.

Daily Mail

Ady’s father had a camera setup in her room and captured the endearing footage. It shows Ady comfortably relaxed, and she even covers her furry friend with her blanket. The love and affection the two share is so obvious. Ady’s parents assure everyone that the dog adores their daughter, and will never harm her. It is amazing how our pets can help us get through rough times. This footage also reminds us that our pets understand us, and will do what they can to make our lives better. So, don’t underestimate the value of your pets. They are truly special.

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