A Delightful Tiny Picnic Table For Squirrels Built By A Man In His Yard

Squirrels enjoy roaming freely in trees in natural forests. Yet, we sometimes see some of the furry creatures in our backyard. Most likely we have invaded their natural habitat, as many towns and populated areas have claimed forest lands.Some may consider them to be pests, like rats and pigeons. But they are harmless, and have been living in close proximity to man for some time. While they are curious, they don’t often intrude in our lives, unless they are looking for food or nesting places. Most of the time we find them fascinating and actually comical. But most of us remain as watchers, and don’t meddle with their lives.

Facebook/Rick Kalinowski

But Rick Kalinkwski is one of those who did more than just watch them. To show his appreciation for the cute furry creatures, he decided to create a special spot for them where they could enjoy their meals. Using some leftover wood and a lot of inspiration, he created a miniature picnic table which he attached to the fence in his backyard. Once it was secure, Rick laid out a feast for his furry friends to coax them to use the picnic table. Sure enough, his guests soon arrived and did not hesitate to sample the feast laid out for them.

Rick positioned the table outside a window which gives him a great view of the squirrels enjoying his picnic. He joins them by watching from the window having his morning coffee. They make it a point to visit the table when there are goodies to munch on, which is twice a day. Rick enjoys seeing them pleased, and it is his way of giving back the joy they give him by playing in his yard. “I appreciate them and they appreciate me,” he said.

Facebook/Rick Kalinowski

Another soul who appreciates squirrels is wildlife rehabilitation specialist, Christy Hargrove. She created National Squirrel Appreciation Day in Asheville, North Carolina, in 2001. Her goal was simply to be kind to these bushy-tailed friends by helping them with food bits like nuts, berries, and water. She lets people know that squirrels are actually beneficial to the environment, as they plant seeds of future trees wherever they live. About 74% of the seeds and nuts they bury to store for lean times are never found, and they grow into new trees eventually. 

National Squirrel Day has been officially held on January 21, since 2011. “Make of it what you want, so long as it’s in the name of squirrel positivity,” Christy exclaims. People like Rick and Christy are not alone, there are hundreds, if not thousands, out there who appreciate and help out animals like squirrels. It need not be squirrels, but if you see some forest creatures in need of help, don’t hesitate. 

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