A Dad Makes A Time-Lapse Video Of His Daughter Through 20 Years

Source: https://www.rtlnieuws.nl/

Parents who adore their kids often take pictures of them as they grow up. The photos/videos serve as a memento of the kids’ voyage through different stages in their lives, something they can cherish and relive any time. Well, one dad did a bit more than just take photos of his daughter, he created a time-lapse sequence in a video.

Frans Hofmeester, a Dutch photographer and filmmaker began filming his daughter every week in front of the same background, for 20 years! With brilliant editing, he created a time-lapse sequence of the evolution of his daughter as she was growing up from infant to adult. Lotte Hofmeester’s portraits through the weeks, months, and years is an amazing remembrance of her growing up as it is a moving picture which shows the process of growth and aging that we all experience latently.

Surely it shows the love of a father for his daughter, as it must not have been easy to do this religiously for 20 years. The video may last only about 5 minutes, but you can appreciate the work and time it took to put it together. You can also appreciate a gallery of photos selected by Frans to honor his daughter’s voyage from infancy to young adult life. She must be very proud of her dad, and thankful for the entertaining memories.

Check out the compilation of photos and video time-lapse sequence:

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