A Cunning Fox Sneaks Into Parliament Causing A Commotion

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Foxes are known to be cunning and sneaky creatures. Proof of the pudding was that a fox “outfoxed” tight security and broke into parliament. It sneaked past a cafe, all the way up to the 4th floor before being captured. It even left behind some droppings as if to show proof that it was there. It slipped past a security officer, and was spotted climbing an escalator into the main building where MP’s offices are. Staff saw the mammal wandering around Portcullis House, making it past the cafe, and up to the 4th floor. Some MP’s saw the fox and made remarks on Twitter: “Team Lopez: just leaving Westminster office for the night and see a fox climbing escalator into Portcullis House! We have seen some strange things in Parliament since 2017, but this tops it!”, a message from Conservative MP Julia Lopez. Labour MP Karl Turner managed to take a photo of the sneaky intruder going past a high vis-clad police officer. Labour MP Kerry McCarthy also tweeted, “So apparently there was a fox running around Portcullis House atrium about half a hour ago, and now I’ve just found this outside my office (2 floors up!),” taking a photo of droppings the fox left behind.

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But the SNP’s Alison Thewliss reaction was a bit more practical, “If the fox is willing to eat the mice and rats in Parliament that might actually be a useful development.” We hope the rats she is talking about pertain to those little pests…

There was a footage later on showing the fox being removed from the building in a blue box, before being released next to the River Thames. It surely caused a stir in Parliament, and kept the security on their toes. Surely this will go down in history when Parliament’s security was simply “outfoxed” by an intruder.

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