30Kgs Of Corn Wine Got Elephants Who Wandered Into A Village Drunk, And They Fell Asleep In A Nearby Tea Garden


The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have affected changes in nature, not just the spread to humans which is causing much damage. The significant decrease of nitrogen dioxide pollution to swans and dolphins returning to the canals of Venice, Italy, shows the impact of the absence of human activity on mother nature. And, there is more.

Recently, a herd of 14 elephants wandered into a village in Yunnan, China, searching for food. Yunnan is home to the Asian elephant, aside from other animals in the mountainous region. It is China’s most diverse province, biologically, as well as culturally. The wandering elephants were the effect of deforestation, which led them to wander into a village in search for food. They came upon 30kgs of corn wine, and drank it all. They were discovered later on in a drunken stupor, happily asleep in a nearby tea garden. While this may appear amusing, there is a more serious underlying consideration.


It seems the Covid-19 virus is a sign and effect of the abuse man has done to planet Earth. Blatant pollution of both land and sea, deforestation, and other reckless behavior of man is apparently bouncing back to us. While the world combats the spread of the virus, let us not forget that we have to change our ways to make the planet safer and more livable for all living creatures.

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