20 Things You May Not Notice While Staring At Your Phone

Source: https://www.girlscouts.org/

A lot of people are just too engrossed with their cell phones that they end up missing some things around them. And a lot of them are kids – teens and adolescents. Studies have shown that the average British child spends at least 44 hours a week staring at their cell phone screens. American kids may probably spend more time than this. While this is alarming, it is quite amusing as well. Some of these things are quite obvious, some comical, and some truly amazing. So kids, let’s have a look at some of the things you are missing while staring at your cell phone screen.

  1. The sunset. Some are really amazing, do try to witness one some time.
  2. A supermoon. This is a full moon much larger than normal, a stunning sight.
  3. A full moon. Simple, but hypnotic. Beware the werewolves.
  4. Lightning strikes. Scary at times, but a wonder of nature.
  5. Lightning striking again. May be a rare occurrence, but it does happen, consider yourself lucky if it hits the same tree, and not you.
  6. A $20 bill. If you missed this, too bad. And if it was yours in the first place, well, tough.
  7. Oncoming cars. Hopefully they stop and not run you over. 
  8. A spider’s web. You really won’t notice it until it hits your face.
  9. People on their phones walking into lamp posts. A winner for sure for social media.
  10. Lamp posts. A winner for sure for social media, your 5 minutes of fame.
  11. The end of the escalator. You may be looking down, but…well, have a good trip.
  12. Someone attractive smiling at you. Missed opportunity, but that’s life.
  13. Your stop. Well enjoy the bus ride back.
  14. The food on your plate. Hopefully the flies have not landed yet.
  15. Any storm-blown debris headed your way. Hopefully it’s just paper.
  16. An elderly or pregnant lady who may need your seat. Or maybe you didn’t miss this, but just didn’t want to give up your seat like you should.
  17. People slipping on ice. Well they will surely be watching you when it’s your turn to fall.
  18. New graffiti. Even if you are not an enthusiast of street art.
  19. An old friend. Well if he didn’t greet you verbally, it’s their problem.
  20. How stupid everyone else in your family looks staring down at their phones.

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