10 Of the Creepiest And Most Spine-Chilling Creatures Of The Deep

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The deep oceans have always been mysterious, particularly what creatures lurk below. Not much is known, and it is a basic fear of man – fear of the unknown. In fact, we probably know more about the vast outer space then we know about the deep oceans. Some of the horror movies have capitalized on creatures from the deep…our imaginations run wild. Luckily we are land-dwellers, so we don’t have to experience going into the deep. There are some creatures that have been revealed by deep-sea contraptions that would rival the “Alien” monster. Sharp, giant teeth, weird looking-bodies, illuminating organs, and so forth. Here are 10 of them.

The Vampire Squid. The term vampire already translates to monster. They may seem adorable from a distance, but if you stare at those red eyes, you will surely have chills running down your spine. They have a “cloak” that connects the tentacles and are filled with spines that resemble vampire teeth. Whatever it hugs is sure to meet a horrible death.

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Fangtooth.  Another scary looking creature that looks more like a sea monster rather than a fish. Luckily for us, they survive in the deep, about 16,000 feet deep. They don’t like light, and appear frightening, but are harmless to humans. Still, you would hope never to encounter them near the shore.

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Giant Squid. Tales in history have featured giant sea monsters that can bring down a whole ship. Well, the giant squid may come close to those mythical beasts. They can grow to about 60 feet long, and usually dwell in water at depths of at least 1000 feet. While they are scary, they themselves fear the sperm whales, who are their natural predators.

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Barbeled Dragonfish. These creepy fish live in water at least 6,000 feet deep. They have huge mouths full of teeth, but their larvae have the creepiest feature. The eyes of the larva dangle off their body on long stalks. As they grow and mature, the eyes draw back up into their faces.

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Goblin Shark. They are descendants of a species over 125 million years old, hence they are often referred to as a”living fossil.” While they may not be as dangerous as the Great White or Tiger shark, they look intimidating, and weird. They have long flat snouts that extend above their jaws. They have unique tooth structures described as “snaggle-toothed.” Normally found about 3,000 feet deep, but some have been known to swim in 120 feet, so do watch out.

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Frilled Shark.  This is even a scarier shark, it has the body of a snake and a terrifying toothy mouth. A real sea serpent by the looks of it. It has around 300 teeth lined up into 25 rows, and are trident shaped. Luckily again, they like to swim in a depth of around 5,000 feet.

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Gulper Eel. They have extremely huge mouths and their stomachs can stretch to accommodate larger prey, as they consume prey whole. They have tails that have an eerie pink glow and flash red. Usually found at depths of 3,000 feet, and thankfully are rarely seen and difficult to locate.

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Stargazer. This fish is so named because their eyes and mouth are on top of their heads. More weird than frightening actually. Some have a worm-like tendril that extends from their mouth and wiggle it around to attract prey. The fish is actually poisonous in nature, and they have spines that can deliver electric shocks.

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Blobfish.  The ugliest animal on earth for sure. They are basically gelatinous, with little-to-no bone or muscle. Those who remember the horror flick “The Blob” will have an idea why it is so creepy. They eat whatever they can, and remain close to the sea floor, usually around 2,000 feet deep.

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Sarcastic Fringehead. Weird name for this tough little fish. They live closer to the surface than most of the deep sea creatures, usually at around 250 feet. They fight for dominance by pressing their mouths together…the bigger mouth wins. Not exactly terrifying, but definitely creepy.

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There are more creepy creatures out there, and a lot yet to be discovered. But man would rather look to the stars than gaze at an abyss. If there are monsters in outer space, surely they won’t be as creepy as the ones we have in the deep. So, if someone tells you that monsters are not real, tell that person to venture into the deep.

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